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MarinTec is specialized in the trend of supplying the following equipment & services, either by itself or through its sister companies

Supplying and selling MAN industrial Gen/ Set from 250 KVA up to 800 KVA.
Supplying and selling Perkins, Yuchai and Weichai ”Duetz” from 30 KVA up to 240 KVA
“Power Stations” Gen. / Set rental business through sister Co. "Gen Tec.".
Supplying and Selling MAN marine propulsion engines ranging from 100 HP to 1550 HP.
Supplying & selling MAN marine Gen./ Set ranging from 125 KVA to 750 KVA.
Supplying MAN genuine spare parts for marine propulsion engines, marine Gen./Set and industrial Gen./Set.

Maintenance of all marine and industrial equipment through our service branches and service points all over Egypt.
Consultancy and engineering studies for customers that needs a technical advice or recommendations to help them reach right purchasing decisions.
Supplying & selling buses operated by MAN engines and Yuchai engines, and the maintenance for sold buses “Zhong Thong Bus”.
B.O.T. – business for operation and maintenance of diesel power stations provide electric energy to many of resorts & touristic villages in the Red Sea area, west desert & newly established industrial cities

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